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Active Car shampoo 25 l, Kan
Art.No. 408476
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Active Car shampoo
Art.No. 408476

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Application Areas

Thorough cleaning of motor vehicles of any kind, gentle on the paintwork


  • Very good cleaning
    • Synergistic effect with high capacity for dissolving oil, grease and dirt residues
    • High-foaming
  • Easy to use
    • With self-drying effect
    • Safe for most materials


  • Free from silicone, AOX, NTA, EDTA and phosphate

Processing information

Do not allow to dry, do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight
Observe the appliance manufacturer’s instructions for use
Dosage depending on the amount of dirt
High-pressure appliances: Dilute 1:50 with water
Apply from the bottom to the top
Afterwards rinse off with plenty of water
As shampoo in a car wash: 1:200 (0.5%) via the dosing pump
Dosing pump setting: 30 - 50 ml


Laat niet opdrogen
Niet gebruiken op hete ondergrond of in brandende zon
Raadpleeg altijd de gebruiksaanwijzing van de betreffende apparatuur

Technical Data

pH-value ~ 9.5
Color Blue, Clear
Chemical base Non-ionic and cationic surfactants, complexing agents, solvent
Fysieke toestand Liquid
Type, reiniger Body cleaner
Geur Apple
Container Canister
Inhoud 25 I
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