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Quick Cement 15 kg, Emmer
Art.No. 248676
Delivery within 24 to 48 hours
Guaranty and Replacement
Safe Shopping
  • Fast fixation
  • Build up quick hard underground

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Quick Cement
Art.No. 248676

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Application Areas

Inside and outside use
Installation Areas: Fixation of pipes or cables, window or door frames, grids, protective edges etc.
As quick plaster: Mixture of rapid cement with clean sand or quartz sand and water in a ratio of 2:1:0.5


  • Easy to use
    • Cement mortar is ready to be applied
    • Quick fixation (e.g. pipes, cable, window etc.)
    • Usable as plaster or repair mortar by mixture with sand
  • High Performance
    • Extremely rapid set
  • Proven Quality
    • Mineral based cement mortar
    • Chromate reduced (Regulation EG No 1907/2006)

Processing information

Surface must be cleaned from dust and loose parts
Process the mixture in one minute
Setting time 2-5 minutes
Mortar: Rapid Cement 1kg; Water 0.2 Liter; Quartz sand 0kg
Pourable application: Rapid Cement 1kg; Water 0.25 Liter
Repair mortar repair plaster: Rapid Cement 1kg; Water 0.25 Liter; Quartz sand 0.5kg
Mix only in one minute


Only prepare small values (short processing time)
Not usable below 5 °C or on frozen surfaces
Dry approx. 12 months storable


15 kg: 1x 15 kg

Technical Data

Color Grey
Chemical base Mineral basis
Toepassingstemperatuur, van 5 °C
Dichtheid 2.3 g/cm3
Storage Temperature, From 15 °C
Storage Temperature, To 25 °C
Container Bucket
Inhoud 15 Kg
Datasheets & Downloads
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