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Woodscrew EASYfast CW Torx, yellow zinc plated
Art.No. 332609
Delivery within 24 to 48 hours
Guaranty and Replacement
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  • Universally applicable for fastening of wood and fittings due to the innovative head shape
  • Near edge fixing possible due to the perfectly formed tip with CUT
  • Enormous time savings of up to 50 % through double thread

Woodscrew EASYfast CW Woodscrew EASYfast CW Woodscrew EASYfast CW Woodscrew EASYfast CW Woodscrew EASYfast CW
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Woodscrew EASYfast CW
Art.No. 332609

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Application Areas

  • Wood connections in engineered timber constructions such as wood frame constructions, pre-fabricated buildings, balcony constructions, staircase constructions
  • Countersunk head with milling pockets is suitable for applications in angles and fittings as well as for screwing directly in wood


  • Patented countersunk head with milling pockets: combines the properties of a countersunk head and countersunk milling head and thereby reduces the demand of different head types. The milling pocket head works like a countersunk milling head in wood, but can also be used in fittings without damaging the coating
  • CUT at the top: Reduces the spreading effect in wood, due to this, it is possible to screw-in near edges
  • Double thread: up to 50% faster screwing and thereby time saving. Increase of the productivity
  • Shaft milling ribs and special sliding coating: Reduces driving torque especially when using long screws, due to this, screw-in-tools will be spared
  • Recess/Drive: Very good bit fitting in combination with the Toko-Bit. Less wobbling and optimal power transmission from the bit to the drive due to matched and reduced tolerances.
  • Drive-harmonization: Only one bit (TX20) for thread diameters of 3.5–5.0mm. For reasons of better power transmission, there exists a TX25 (diameter 5.0mm) for hardwood applications.
  • European technical approval: ETA-12/2080 assures a maximum of safety for the EASYfast WAVE as a wood fastener

Processing information

  • Galvanized screws are not permanent resistant to corrosion in outdoor and humid areas
  • The screws can be used with and without pre-drilling in wooden elements. Pre-drilling is only allowed up to the core diameter d1
  • It is recommended to pre-drill when using hardwood, to prevent break of screws and also to spare the tools
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