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Discover the all round solution for tyre change

Highest efficiency and absolute safety are the keys to a successful tyre changing business. Berner offers you all you need to achieve both: a high-quality assortment of products for each step of your workflow, and additional services that give you peace of mind when it comes to storing, handling and managing your stock. In this way, you can simply focus on what you do best – and let us take care of the rest!

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Our full product portfolio covers each step of the tyre changing process. Run your tyre changing business smoother than ever with BERNER! Our comprehensive, well-matched product portfolio covers each step of the changing process – from the gauge that checks the tyre tread, and the power tool that removes the bolts in a flash, to the cleaning gear that puts a shine on your customers’ rims before they leave your shop. And that’s not all: Aside from our high-quality products, you also profit from innovative additional services by Berner, such as the Compliance Services and the Inventory Management Service. Get in touch today to learn more!Berner offers the complete solution for all required stept to changes tyres. Prior to the tyre change, your customer’s car needs to be prepared: assign the individual tasks, check if the tyre profi le is still sufficient, and thoroughly protect the seats and foot areas against dirt. Remove the wheel cover, open the wheel bolts, and take down the wheel. Once the wheels are off, check the condition of the brakes. Start by pressing the old tyre off the rim. Clamp the wheel to the tyre changer. Carefully lift the new tyre over the rim and mount it. Balance out the wheel and apply new weights. Lift the wheel to the car, mount it, tighten the wheel bolts with the torque wrench, and attach the wheel cover where required. Check the air pressure in all wheels once they are mounted. Send your customers away with a perfectly prepared car: make sure you hand over the car perfectly clean and ready to go. Use rim cleaner for a shining result.

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