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License plate drilling screw zinc plated
Art.No. 145347
Delivery within 24 to 48 hours
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License plate drilling screw
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License plate drilling screw
Art.No. 145347

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  • Head diameter 10mm
  • The head design allows the flexible cover cap to fit snugly on the screw head without falling off
  • Dacromet coating is chromium-6 (Cr6 +) free and therefore compliant with the RoHS Directive
  • Pozi slot (PZD) size 2
  • Self tapping drill point


  • Dacromet coated (DAC) which is a surface processing technology to ensure the screw against corrosion. Dacromet is applied as a liquid at about 300 degrees and is made up of zinc and aluminum flakes which are melted together to form a surface coating


  • Delivered without cover cap.
    Flexible plastic cover cap with drill bit that fits the license plate screws can be purchased separately
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