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Roofing Hammer Full Steel, Leather 900 g
Art.No. 244661
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Roofing Hammer Full Steel, Leather
Art.No. 244661

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Application Areas

Demontage en montage van panlatten


  • The claw and the slim, extended point on the carpenters’ roofing hammer are precisely wrought and inductively hardened. Even small nails are securely caught.
  • Face:
  • The face is carefully hardened and specially tempered
  • the roughened version has particularly deep checks.
  • Shaft:
  • The construction of the forged, weight-optimised shaft provides perfect balance and supreme impact. Its carefully cut surface blends smoothly into the grip.
  • Leather grip:
  • The leather grip on the solid steel handle is resistant to twisting. It not only looks good, leather absorbs moisture and releases it again once the work is done. The surface is extremely wear-resistant.
  • The master hammers have everything it takes to be genuine classics. The best materials skilfully combined and joined to be bombproof: that’s how a tool should look. here, the latest technology meets classic handwork.
  • BERNER steel hammers are true masterpieces among tools. Supreme quality materials result in a product that can cope with the very highest demands. As solid steel hammers, they deliver maximum force – for greater efficiency with every single stroke. The grip are made of the finest, untreated core leather. Uncompromising tools that delight at first glance and continue to impress users every time they are picked up – and are also admired by those who are merely able to look on
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Head:
  • Forged using alloyed, hardened, special steel and given a smooth finish. The nail holder on the carpenters’ roofing hammer has an extremely strong magnet
  • Claw and point:


  • Head DIN 7239
  • TÜV / GS sign

Technical Data

Norms Roofing hammer
Head Weight 600 g
Total weight 900 g
Lengte 330 mm
Lengte kop 165 mm
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