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Secutec Sledge Hammer
Art.No. 244647
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  • [High protected
  • Head and Handle connected with a screw
  • Handle protection]

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Secutec Sledge Hammer
Art.No. 244647

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  • Protective sleeve on the shaft:
  • Form-fitted with no protruding edges on the shaft. Made of steel, it effectively protects the shaft from mishits. The stabilisation collar fitted all the way around the underside of the hammer head also secures the head–shaft connection against the effects of leverage.
  • Hickory shaft:
  • This can withstand three- to four-times more stress than standard ash shafts, because the longfibre wooden structure keeps the shaft in one piece even when damaged or broken. Vibration-damping, extremely bend-resistant and long-lasting.
  • SecuTec® hammers bring supreme safety to the segment of hammers featuring wooden shafts. hickory wood with long fibres, a robust shaft collar and the patented wedge bolt (de-Gm 20 2012 001 634.2) provide outstanding protection by preventing hammer heads from flying off and shafts from breaking. On top of that are the ergonomic benefits of the vibration-damping hickory shaft in conjunction with exclusive steel quality and maximum safety – a typical quality product made by PICARD
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Head:
  • Forged in the die using PICARD special steel and therefore quenched to a greater extent than that required by DIN standards. Tempered and painted black. Safety system with no protruding parts
  • Wedge bolt:
  • The ring wedge, countersunk head and bolt thread are combined in one single component. This minimises tolerances and increases stability. The diameter of the wedge bolt is larger than that of the DIN eye. This simple yet ingenious solution prevents the hammer head from flying off
  • Face:
  • Convex polished with durable bevel for safe working with no fractures, even when hitting hard edges or mishitting the hammer


  • Head DIN 6475
  • Shaft DIN 5135

Technical Data

Norm Sledge hammer
Head Weight 1250 g
Lengte 270 mm
Lengte kop 100 mm
Breedte kop 43 mm
Hoogte kop 43 mm
Shaft Hickory
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