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Button cell mini
Art.No. 23935
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Button cell
Art.No. 23935

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Application Areas

  • transmitter, digital vernier caliper, clocks, alarm-clocks,
  • cameras, digital cameras etc.
  • Remote controls and lighting for vehicle keys, handheld


  • Simple and quick measurement of brake fluid performance
  • Small and handy -> always at hand
  • Robust, with a protective cap for professional use
  • TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) certified safety (EN 61010)
  • Can be used in car, truck, motorcycle, workshop and service areas
  • 5 light emitting diodes for accurate indication of water content in the brake fluid in the following levels:
  • 0%, <1%, 2%, 3%,> 4% -> fast and accurate result
  • Results are easy to read


  • Some button cells have different designations by different manufacturers:
    LR9 = V625U, V626U, 246
    LR44 = A76, V13GA, PX76A, PX665A, LR1154, 1166A, AG13, KA76
    A23 = LRV08, VA23GA, MN21, MS21, L1028, 1811A, LR23
    LR1 = AM5, 4001, MN9100, 810, E90, 910A, KN, UM5
    A27 = LR27, MN27
    LR43 = V12GA, PX86A, A86, LR1142, KA86, 186, AG12
    LR54 = V10GA, 391, LR1130, 189, AG10, 191
    SR57 = SR927SW, V395, D395, 1162SO, 395, 399
    SR60 = SR621SW, V364, D364, 1175SO, 363, 364
    SR63 = SR521SW, V379, D379, 1191SO
    SR66 = SR626SW, V377, D377, 1176SO, 376, 377
    SR69 = SR920W, V370, 1188SO, 370, 371
    123A = CR123, 6205, DL123A, EL123AP, 5018LC, K123LA, CR17345
    AG3 = LR41, SR41, 392


  • Battery is also included
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