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Polyester Putty Premium Beige, 1.3 kg
Art.No. 368216
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Polyester Putty Premium
Art.No. 368216

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Application Areas

Filling works and final surface treatment in bodywork repair
Filling of deep uneven areas in vehicles
Fine filling of pores, slight bumps and scratches

Main Users

body repair


  • Up to 40% faster drying than standard putties
  • Good adhesion to a large variety of surfaces: Galvanized steel, aluminium, steel, wood and polyester laminates
  • Easy to mix, apply and sand. Light consistency

Processing information

The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease
Mix product with 3% (weight/weight) of hardener. Do not exceed this ratio
Apply mixture using a spatula
Let dry before sanding
First sanding: P150-P180. Re-sanding: P240-P320


Maximum adhesion is achieved on well abraded surfaces
Store in closed original container in cool areas away from direct sun light


Polyester putty Premium 1,260 kg
Hardener 40 g

Technical Data

Inhoud 1.3 kg
Container Can
Drying time 20 - 30 min
Specifiek gewicht 1.3 g/cm³
Density 1.3 g/cm³
Toepassingstemperatuur, van 10 °C
Pot life 3-5 min
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