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Wet-/Dry- Vacuum Cleaner BWDVC PERM L
Art.No. 365900
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Wet-/Dry- Vacuum Cleaner
Art.No. 365900

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  • L-class vacuum cleaner which filters 99 % of the heavy dust out of the air
  • Permanently working without interruption
    • Thanks to iPulse system both filter cartridges are automatically being cleaned during running operation, when needed
  • No interruption of the suction air during the cleaning process of the filter cartridges thanks to the alternating cleaning system
  • Highly efficient filter cleaning due to vibration, significantly better than vacuum cleaner with air cleaning
  • Automated starting: the vacuum cleaner starts automatically when a connected power tool starts running
  • Continues running after the power tool has been switched off in order to extract the remaining dust (including water sensors for wet vacuuming)
  • Filter change from the clean air side – contact with dirty filters should be avoided. Handy and powerful wet/dry vacuums, electromagnetic filter cleaning by means of vibration
  • Suitable for the connection of power tools of up to 2000 W at the power outlet of the vacuum cleaner


Wet and dry vacuum cleaner BWDVC PERM L
2 filter cartridges for L-Class (integrated)
Suction hose, Ø 35 mm x 5.0 m
Conical rubber joint
2 suction tubes (synthetic), each 50 cm long
Handhold (synthetic)
Universal floor nozzle
1 fleece filter bag

Technical Data

Versie Carton
Breite 40 cm
Diepte 40 cm
Gewicht 15.5 kg
Afgegeven vermogen 1400 W
Sound pressure level (K = 3 dB(A)) 69 dB(A)
Hoogte 56 cm
Lengte slang 5 m
Lengte kabel 8 m
Bruto volume 30 l
Ketelinhoud (nat) 22 l
Ketelinhoud (droog) 25 l
Lucht vermogen 73 l/s
Onderdruk max. 270 MJ
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