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Spacer bolt vario DISTAfix VARIO Torx, Steel, zinc plated, Adjustable
Art.No. 42227
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Spacer bolt vario DISTAfix VARIO
Art.No. 42227

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Application Areas

  • Wooden substructures (e.g. battens) with 20-25 mm thickness,
    e.g. wall and ceiling coverings
  • Installation indoors or in dry areas of wet rooms,
    outdoors without direct weathering


  • Close to the edge screwings
    • Notch (“CUT”) at screw tip reduces wood splitting effect
  • Time-efficient & flexible
    • Exact positioning and tension-free distance adjustment (retaining thread)
    • Spacer blocks unnecessary (retaining thread)
    • Immediately loadable push-through installation
  • Stable fixings (hardened steel)
    • Screwings into window profiles with double-walled steel core
    • Multiple readjustments without destroying retaining thread

Processing information

  • Distance range max. = max. distance A
    (if batten thickness da = 25 mm)
  • Screwing without pre-drilling through batten into wooden
    substrate until screw head is sunk at least 2 mm in batten
  • Exact positioning of required distance by turning back the screw
  • No Pre-Drilling necessary in wooden substructure


  • Recommendation: BERNER TOKO Bit.
    Tumbling-free & one-handed screwing (optimized bit fitting)


  • Each unit includes: 1 Bit TX30
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