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Break fluid
Art.No. 408528
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Break fluid
Art.No. 408528

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Application Areas

  • Used for all hydraulic brake and coupling systems with synthetic fluid


  • Optimal ABS properties
  • Has no effect on brake components
  • Can be mixed with all brake fluids complying to the same specification/standard


  • Complies with SAEJ 1703 (ISO 4925) FMVSS 116 DOT 4, excellent protection against corrosion for non-ferrous metals and iron. Low viscous DOT 4 is suitable for new brake systems (e.g. ESP) and guarantees flawless functioning even at low outdoor temperatures

Processing information

  • Caution: not to fill the tank again and do not use other liquids!
  • Adding brake fluid, follow the car manufacturer's recommendations. The brake fluid should always be clean. Dirt, water, oil products or other materials may result in brake system function disorders or lead to costly repairs.
  • As brake fluid is hygroscopic (attracts moisture), the package must immediately be re-closed using the original lid after pouring out the required amount of brake fluid
  • Should be stored only in the original container. The tank should always be clean and tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption by chance


  • Caution: Do not refill the container and do not use it for other liquids.
  • Not miscible with DOT 5.1
  • DOT 4 and DOT 4 plus
  • DOT 4 and DOT 4 plus immiscible with brake fluid low viscous
  • Follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer when filling brake fluids
  • Keep the brake fluid clean and dry
  • Contamination by dirt, water, petroleum products or other materials can cause brake failure or expensive repairs
  • Store brake fluid in the original container only
  • Keep containers clean and tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption
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