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Cleaning and care products

in Chemicals

Properly maintained vehicles are worth more! Applicate our exterior cleaners to remove flight rust cleaner, adhesive and tar or try out our cleaners for wheels, tires or windows. Use our wheel rim cleaner and windscreen cleaner as well as interior cleaner to remove easily and effectively the surfaces from stubborn stains. Use our oil binder to absorb mineral oils, chemicals or liquid fats – Berner products for perfect cleaning results.


Wood screws

in Fastening and fixation

Be prepared for all challenges on your jobsite! Order screws and receive them shortly. With our innovative wood screws, we offer you a product for all your timber constructions. Our screws ensure a clean cutting of the wood fiber, and therefore lower tension and risk of spreading the wood. We over a broad range of sizes and versions to make your project the perfect ones.

Par mums Berner ir viens no vadošajiem Eiropas uzņēmumiem, kas pārdod palīgmateriālus, ķimikālijas, instrumentus auto un celtniecības nozares profesionāļiem. 6500 darbinieku, no kuriem vairāk nekā 4500 strādā pārdošanā, katru dienu sniedz augsta līmeņa pakalpojumu.

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