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What our customers say about us
Berner is my best partner - wide selection of products, very quick delivery and the best service.
John Doe
ABC Construction Services
Just great! A huge and high-quality assortment and always on standby: Berner has it all.
Jean Dupont
1Automotive Group
Berner customer advantages at a glance
Professional products
Strong services
Competent sales force
Professional work with Berner products
Our product range is specially designed for professional craftsmen and contains exactly the items you need for your daily tasks and processes as car, industry and construction professional.
Whether screw, tool, drill or lubricant - the high quality of BERNER products meets the demands of every workshop and construction site.
Experience our comprehensive assortment of over 75,000 professional products and see for yourself!
  • 75,000 articles for the mobility, construction and industry branch
  • High-quality products
  • From professionals for professionals
Berner services support your day-to-day business
Time is money - that's why we actively support you to be more efficient and save valuable working time.
Our services, such as our compliance services or the inventory management help you to reduce your storage, ordering and documentation costs and time to a minimum.
The perfect service offering is as personal as you are. We tailor your service package according to your needs.
  • Less effort for administration and stock-keeping
  • Individual adaptation to your needs
  • More time to focus on your work
Experts with passion - at your service at any time
Personal contact with you is still the most important thing for us. Even in a modern world, we want to know our customers personally and a create a partnership from person to person. Our experts, whether in field sales or customer support, have the day-to-day mission to support our customers and to make our customers happy.
On top of that, on our digital channels we support you with our broad knowledge – visit our online shop or our blog and find, beside our products, lots of helpful information around your daily business.
  • Personal contact – also on-site by our field sales force
  • Broad know-how
  • Face-to-face partnership

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