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Zinc Balancing Weight Type 666
Artikulo numeris: 26770

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Taikymo sritis:

"Suitable for European vehicles with J-alloy wheels, especially Fiat, Opel, Saab, VolvoUsed as original equipment of Ford"


  • "Prevents air loss between tyre and rim at the counterweight, even with rims with a low sealing zone
    • Shortened retaining springPrevent contact corrosion
    • With plastic coating"


"Recoilless/low-weight pliers with plastic attachment must be used for mounting.If possible, beat the weights with one blow to maintain the tension of the spring."

Techniniai duomenys

Property Value
Ratlankių tipas Lengvojo lydinio
Transporto priemonių tipai PC
Transporto priemonių gamintojai Ford,Opel / Vauxhall,Fiat,Saab,Volvo
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