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Cordless Heat Gun BACHG 18 V, 5,0 Ah, BC+ 18 V, 5.0 Ah
Artikulo numeris: 366815
  • ["Perfect for heat shrinking
  • defrosting
  • forming of plastic parts
  • sticker or paint removal etc.]

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Cordless Heat Gun BACHG 18 V, 5,0 Ah, BC+
Artikulo numeris: 366815

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  • "Perfect for heat shrinking, defrosting, forming of plastic parts, sticker or paint removal etc.High performance heat coil allows the tool to reach 470 °CReaches operational temperature in six seconds allowing the user to quickly complete his applicationDurable hook for work space management and safety Delivered with 2 nozzles - reduction nozzle and shrinking nozzleLED light to illuminate work surfaces in dark locationsbattery gauge placed at the battery packbattery operating temperature range from -20°C up to +55°CInteligent system with overheating and over-discharge system due to communication between tool, battery pack and battery chargerPart of the Berner 18V Cordless Platform Range - all based on the 18V Li-Ion batteries with 2,0 Ah, 3,0 Ah, 4,0, 5,0 or 9,0 Ah"

    Techniniai duomenys

    Įtampa: 18 V
    Technologija: Lithium-Ion
    Įkrovimo laikas: 90 min
    Talpa: 5,0 Ah
    Svoris (Su akumuliatoriumi): 1,5 kg
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    Duomenų lapai & parsisiuntimai
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